Jill A. Rodriguez

I would like to take this time to say thank you for allowing my mother in law to sit in during my daughter's dance class which she attends on Monday evenings. The special treatment she received while visiting from out of town from your staff made her feel very special and truly honored to be a part of that evening. This is one of the reasons that makes Studio 203 stand out from the rest. You were the talk of the town for days on end!

Mrs. Hill

I have been coming to the dance studio for a short time, and in this time I have always felt like "one of the family". My Kids love coming to dance, so it's never a fight to make them come. All the staff members are always in a good mood and ready to help. I just wanted to write this little note to let everyone know that none of your hard work has gone unnoticed...

Susan D.

I wanted to take a moment to 'thank you' for all of your hard work and dedication to my child and many, many others. Your drive and organization show in your work, curriculum and overall appearance of your facility. Your studio is always clean and together. Your instructors are always friendly and positive and go that extra mile to ensure my family and I are well informed on what's going on around the studio. From weekly classes to weekend rehearsals. I have been with Karen and Donna's / Studio 203 for several years and I truly believe that you are the best dance studio in Killeen. Your attention to detail, quality of instruction and friendly, knowledgeable staff is what sets you apart from the rest. Keep up the great work and our family is looking forward to several more years with Killeen's #1 Dance studio.

Debi Adams

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the positive influence you have been for my girls over the past 10 years (is it really that long?). When Samantha started dancing there so long ago, who knew that she would become part of your "family" and that dance would be such a big part of her life? Your professional studio was the perfect atmosphere for my young girls to learn structure, determination, dedication, teamwork, so many positives, I could go on and on!  I think the staff's love for dance was the most important factor, and your high expectations for the students. They wanted your approval and to please you! I believe in your studio so much I have referred countless numbers of dancers to Studio 203! Anyway, thank you for all your hard work and being the people you are. Thank you for continuing to help me raise my girls into fine young women!

Vicki Hayes

I just wanted to thank you for the time my daughter has danced at your studio. She has been dancing for 6 years at various studios. Being the child of a military member it can be hard to transition into a new studio, especially a studio that is as well known and loved as yours.  Many of the mothers of dancers I have met danced at your studio. Studio 203 is a loved and long standing tradition in central Texas. Yet, you all welcomed her, nurtured her, and taught her many new things. I am especially thankful for the opportunity given to her to be a company dancer. It is so refreshing to be at a studio where company dancers are chosen by ability and potential. How incredibly fair. You chose her knowing she was an Army child and may only be around for a short time. For that, I really thank you. She loves to dance, loves the instructors, and loves the studio. (So do I!!) I can see why families stay with your studio for generations. We will miss you!!!

Happy Mom

After moving to Fort Hood Texas, I was looking online to check out dance studios. I did call a few studios in the area for additional info. When picking my children up from school, a few of the parents said that Studio 203 was really good. Then, while at my husband’s company gathering I mentioned I was looking for a dance studio and four of the ten ladies sitting at a table said their child dances at Studio 203 Dance Centre. I was wowed!! I told my husband we have to go and see this studio for ourselves.  Denise (the office manger) was so friendly and helpful. When one of the teachers was just coming in to work, Denise introduced me and my daughter to the teacher and the teacher stopped and talked to my daughter and I for a few minutes!! Her purse still in her hand and a big bag hanging off her shoulder. The word of mouth brought me to the studio, but the true caring and politeness that I felt the first 15 minutes I walked in the studio kept me here!! I will also tell anyone looking for a GOOD Dance Studio to check out STUDIO 203. The staff is GREAT!! I also enjoy the parents in the waiting room - always nice friendly conversations. Never hear anyone complaining or talking bad about anyone or anything! At our old studio, I would go sit in my car and wait until class was over. I now know that a caring, respectful, happy staff will in return have caring respectful and happy parents!! You are on this page looking for a dance studio - so my review to you is go see for yourself. Go meet the staff and see how clean and beautiful the studio is!!

Generations of Awesome Training

My daughters took dance from Studio 203, formerly Karen & Donna’s School of Dance many years ago. Now, my granddaughter is taking classes. The quality of training is still the best. Miss Karen has students whom she trained that currently own studios here in Killeen and North Carolina as well. She also has students that are currently Drill Team Directors in the Central Texas area. My granddaughter LOVES her classes. Studio 203 has an awesome pre-school program that instills the love of dance & music.
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